Macy came to denamrk and we sent Bidachows Smooth Thunder Boy to Tinele vd. Heide-das in Holland. Macy is beautiful and very elegant, super temperament
January 15 th. 2002 had Macy puppies, 2 male and 2 smooth female, all red, mother and puppies are all well. Sire: Bidachows Quick Quark
We keept Bidachows Bright Britny the Smooth
May 20 th. 2003 Macy get puppies 1 male and 4 girls. Sire: Bidachows A Smooth Aslan
Marts 20 th.: Macy become 10 years
Unfortunately, she has been very dementia over the last few months. She makes a great deal of noise and want our company all the time,
food is also something she is been willing to fight for.  Very unlike Macy ordinary creature. We got her in a project at KVL. She will try used a medicine for
Parkinson's patients and demented people.The  medicine is not helping at Macy, her condition was only worsened and she was so insecure that she always would 
be by me. It was disgraceful and certainly not the proud Macy, we were accustomed to. We chose to let her sleep. d. 26 March 2009.


Macy  become on her first show in Jægerspris year 2000 best junior, bedst bitch got C.C and BOS. Judge: Inger Boas
Macy's  second show in Brørup April 08th, she become best junior, best bitch got her second C.C and BIR.   Judge: Tuula Tammelin. 
The last Show in 2000 Bredsten, Macy become C.C - vinder + Bis nr. 2. Judge: Mona Selbach, Norge
In the Year 2000, she become: Best Smooth, Best Bitch nr. 2 and Club-master nr. 4. The best ever for a smooth in Denmark .
January 07th. 2001 in Göteborg, Macy get C.C. it is the first time she is showed in Sweden. Judge: Terry Thorn. UK.    
May 6th.2001 in Ringsted, DKK's Internationale udstilling, C.C. and BIS. Judge: Rita Trainin, Israel.  
Macy is now  Danish and Swedish Champion
Year 2001 Best Smooth and Best bitch nr. 3
Herlufmagle Marts 15th.2003 BOB, Handler: Susanne, Jugde: Ove Germundson, Sverige
Oktober 18th .2003 Jægerspris show:  Macy bliver BOB, Handler: Susanne,   Judge : Tuula Tammalin, DK
November 15 th. 2003  Last Show of the year  :   Macy becomes :Best Smooth in Denmark ( the fourth time) and Best Bitch tæve nr. 4
DKK Odense. February14 th.2004 Macy becommes BOB. Judge: Theo Leenen, B
31 Marts 2007 in Gjern: Macy become Clubchampion - she is now 8 years old. Judge: Kim Vigsø Nielsen, DK
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