Kalle was in a litter of 6 males and we had 4 males already but he is a charmer and his mum.  Gabby loves him,.So he stay put.
Kalle is now a very big og very gentle male, We call him " our Mastif" He is sweet with the puppies in the hause and a bit of a famely clown.
The 03/10/2016: Kalle getting very bad, breathing trouble and can not stand on his feet, we run to the veterinarian (3 km from here) he exhales in the car. The vet thinks that it has been a massive heart attack. Very unreal and an ugly experience. He has never been sick and this life was over in under 30 minutes.


21 Marts 2008, Næstved. Kalle get his first C.C. ( 10 m. old.) Judge Tomio Fujihata, Japan
4 Maj: Kalle get VHD jun Ch in Dortmund and become VDH Europajugendsieger 2008,    judge: Wolfgang. Heine, D
Date Place   Judge Resultat 
16.02.2008 Odense Dansk Kennel Klub Holm, Gunnel Exc.JK Plac.2
21.03.2008 Dkk Kreds 10, Næstved Dansk Kennel Klub Fujihata, Tomio Exc.JK Plac.1 CERT
05.04.2008 Gjern Dansk Chow Chow Klub Rotner, Rajko Exc.JK Plac.2
03.05.2008 Hillerød Dansk Kennel Klub Nilsson, Kurt Exc.JK Plac.2
21.06.2008 Lundeborg Dansk Chow Chow Klub Törnlöv, Nils-Arne Exc.JK Plac.2
29.06.2008 Brøndby Dansk Kennel Klub Sunde, Marit VG.JK Plac.2
12.07.2008 Rønne, Bornholm Dansk Siberian Husky Klub Liljeqvist, Liz-Beth C VG.JK Plac.4
12.07.2008 Rønne Dansk Chow Chow Klub Hansen, Kari Granaas Exc.JK Plac.1
13.07.2008 Rønne, Bornholm Dansk Kennel Klub Indergaard, Anne VG.JK
17.08.2008 Vejen Dansk Kennel Klub Hübenthal, Rodi VG.MK Plac.4
23.08.2008 Hillerød Dansk Chow Chow Klub Birk, Carsten VG.MK Plac.3
20.09.2008 Ballerup Dansk Kennel Klub Pedersen, Kirsten Hyldquist Exc.MK Plac.4
11.10.2008 Fuglebjerg Dansk Chow Chow Klub Meijering, Jan VG.MK Plac.3
08.11.2008 Herning Dansk Kennel Klub Teixeira, Luis Pinto Exc.MK Plac.3
24.01.2009 Jægerspris Dansk Chow Chow Klub Klepp, Eli-Marie Exc.MK Plac.1
14.02.2009 Fredericia Dansk Kennel Klub Zake, Ligita VG.ÅK
28.02.2009 Herlufmagle Dansk Chow Chow Klub Tan-Hietalahti, Elina Exc.MK Plac.1
04.04.2009 Gjern Dansk Chow Chow Klub Behan, Philip Exc.MK Plac.3
02.05.2009 Ålborg Dansk Kennel Klub Whitmarsh, Anita Exc.ÅK Plac.2
23.05.2009 Fjellerad Dansk Siberian Husky Klub Schaufeli, Gerda F. VG.ÅK Plac.4
20.06.2009 Lundeborg Dansk Chow Chow Klub Poduschka-Aigner, Phyllis VG.ÅK