Petname: Kenzo. In March 2003 he came back to us, because his owners got a baby who unfortunately had allergy. I was suppose to find him a new family, but
his charm and beautiful behavior totally conquered all of us, so he had to stay, I definitely don't regret that.
When his coat  again is fully grown we will try to take him to a show, he really deserves that.

Marts 2004 1 year has pass whit Kenzo in the house, he is gentle and beautiful. Hope he becommes a father in the spring.

Kenzo become a father 3 times
April 29th. We put Kenzo to sleep.
He had over a long period of bad. I thought it had something to do with the fact that he fell two times in a row and beat her hips, when we had all that snow (ice) and then he had become unstable on the back legs.
So now I'would had him x-rayed. I could see that he had lost some weight, but he still like to eate  and would always  have his food. However, he has his tail down, but I have had before on old dogs. And again I thought it was something about the fall, he had had.
But our vet would not put him in anesthesia without the blood tests when she seemed to fetl something in his  pelvis and abdomen and that he over a long period have been unable to hold stool. When the answer came back, it was not good
He had such a low percentage of blood that had he been a human, he will be unconscious, unbelievable that he could keep it up for so long.
His survived figures were soaring and he had diabetes. Our vet and the other at the clinic did not think it was possible to keep going and almost without symptoms after they saw the numbers in the blood. (Our dogs are tuff)
They agreed that it might be leukemia, because his blood test told them that he was unable to makenew blood.

With the diagnosis and poor prognosis. We take the decision to end his suffering.

It is hard, but he has had a good life after he came back to us and his genes are passed on to new  Chow.


Dato     judge Result
14.06.2003   Hillerød, Dkk Joyce Mann 1.op 4.4.
28.06.2003   Tåsinge, Specialklub Charlotte Nørskov Jensen 1.op 4.v.
15.11.2003   Herlufmagle,specialklub Sheila L. Jakeman 2.op
31.01.2004   Jægerspris,specialklub Boo Lundström 1.op 2.v. CK
05.03.2005   Herlufmagle, Dcck Birgitte Gothen 1.op 4.v.
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